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Automatic selection from drop-down list


I use Excel regularly, but never in any extremely fancy capacity (thus far, lack of time to play and learn, sadly).  I've created myself a worksheet to track my work.

For the most part, this is incredibly basic.  The column headers are item-specific: person name, hotel, type, date due, status, comments.  
The first four columns will be pasted as received from an email.  Comments are entered after the fact.

I have the status column pulling from a list on a separate worksheet.

The complexity comes in where I'd like the status to update as sort of an alert to look for this new task to be available for completion.  The algorithm looks like this:

IF cell F8 is BLANK
AND IF cell E8 <= Today's date
THEN cell F8 = [entry from list "Stat", cell A2]

Is this doable?  If so, how?

Thank you so much!
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